Meditation cushion (zafu)

Meditation Cushion (zafu)

Regular size: Approximately 8" tall by 11" wide (21.5 x 25.3 cm)

Price: $55

Large size: Approximately 8 ¾” tall by 11” wide (23 x
25.3 cm)

Price: $60

Extra Kapok: ½ lb. (450 grams)

Price: $8

This is the traditional meditation cushion used in Zen Buddhism. Our cushions are covered with strong black fabric (a blend of polyester and cotton) and stuffed with kapok, a natural cotton-like substance harvested from a tropical tree. Kapok is extraordinarily resilient. Its loft can be restored again and again for many years.

After each use, we recommend placing the cushion on its edge and pressing down firmly. Rotate the cushion about a quarter turn and do this again. Repeat a couple more times. This restores the loft of the kapok. Click here to view a short video on shaping the meditation cushion.

The cushion comes very firmly packed with kapok. The kapok will compress a little over time and the cushion will become less firm. One of the cushion’s pleats conceals a flap of material that can be pulled aside so that kapok can be added or removed. The covers of our meditation cushions are made either at Westerwolder Dharma Toevlucht, our sister temple in the Netherlands, or at North Cascades Buddhist Priory in the U.S. They are finished at the Priory.

Cushion + Mat Combination

Save $5 on the price of a meditation mat (zabuton) when purchased in combination with a cushion.

Regular size cushion + mat:

Price: $90

Large cushion + mat:

Price: $95