Meditation cushion (zafu)


These plinths are used to raise statues (especially the smaller ones) above other items on altars. We offer small and large rectangular plinths, and small and large square plinths, and an extra-large rectangular plinth. The small and large plinths of each shape can be used singly or stacked in order to give a small statue extra elevation. The plinths are made in our monastery from our own FSC®-certified Red Alder. The plinths are finished with a clear acrylic satin coating that accents the natural grain and color of the wood. The top edge of three of the four sides of each plinth is rounded. The side that does not have a rounded edge is the back of the plinth.

Our recommendation for matching plinth to statue is included at the end of each statue description.

To determine which plinth might work best with any statue, measure the width and depth of the base of the statue and compare to the figures for maximum width and depth of statue bases included in the description of each of the plinths.

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Small Rectangular Plinth
Large Rectangular Plinth
Extra-Large Rectangular Plinth
Small Square Plinth
Large Square Plinth
Small Rectangular Plinth and Large Rectangular Plinth
Small Square Plinth and Large Square Plinth