Meditation cushion (zafu)


We offer stick incense in boxes of 200, 250 and 500 sticks.

Viva half-hour incense sticks: box of 500 (in ten rolls of 50)

Price: $12

Viva 45-minute incense sticks: box of 250 (in five rolls of 50)

Price: $ 12

“Viva” Sandalwood Incense Sticks

This is the stick incense that we use every day in our monastery. It is made in Japan. This incense has a pleasant, mild fragrance that goes well with formal meditation.

Morning Star Sandalwood incense: box of 200

Price: $8

Morning Star Cedarwood incense: box of 200


Price: $8

“Morning Star” Incense Sticks

This incense comes in several fragrances, of which we offer two at present. The approximate burn time of this incense is 25 minutes.

It is made in Hong Kong. Each box of Morning Star incense includes a small ceramic incense stick holder.