Meditation cushion (zafu)


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Statues of Buddhas

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Statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas personify the Compassion and Wisdom that lie at the heart of all existence. And they remind us of those who have realized the highest Truth and who point the Way for us, and of our own potential to follow in their footsteps. The mudras—physical postures and positions of the hands—of various statues express and symbolize different aspects of spiritual training and enlightenment.

Most of our statues are made in Thailand from polyresin to which ground stone has been added. We hand-finish the statues at North Cascades Buddhist Priory. The statues come to us in a dark brown color resembling ebony with red undertones. We rub on a gilding paste that contrasts with the dark original finish, revealing details of the figures in a way that makes them come to life. Finally, we buff the surface to a soft luster. The final finish resembles old gold or bronze.

The statues can be purchased in the original ebony finish at the same price as the statues that we have gilded. If you would like to order the original finish, add the statue to your cart; during the checkout process you will have the opportunity to include a message with your order–please use that message to tell us you would like the original finish. Click here to view a statue in its original finish.

For over two thousand years, Buddhist statues have been painted and/or gilded, hung with silk and other fabrics, and set with gems. Some people enjoy painting statues used on home altars. Please order the statues that we offer in their original ebony finish (rather than the gilded finish, which contains wax) if you wish to paint them.

We have been experimenting with ways of preparing the statues for painting, and with types of paints that can be used successfully. We are happy to share what we are learning. Feel free to call, write or e-mail us. Please click photos below to view the hand-painted statues enlarged.

Sometimes it is helpful to be able to elevate a statue so that it sits above other items on a home altar. We offer several plinths for this purpose. We make the plinths from our own Red Alder. Click here for the page of plinths.