Meditation cushion (zafu)


An altar is a physical reminder of the spiritual Reality and Refuge that is the focus of the spiritual life. In Buddhism, the central item on an altar is often a picture or statue of a Buddha or Bodhisattva, representing an essential aspect of that Refuge. The other items on an altar all express something important about our relationship with our True Refuge.

We offer a number of small items appropriate for use on home altars. Our offering and water bowls all express the motif of the lotus flower. The lotus flower represents enlightenment. Just as the lotus flower opens to the sun, so through Buddhist training the human heart and mind can open and awaken to their True Nature.

Please click here to view photos of altars, and for an explanation of some ways in which the simplest traditional altar arrangement expresses Buddhist Teaching.

Lotus Incense Stick Holder

Approximately 2 ¾” x 1 3/8” (7 x 3.5cm)

These lovely little ceramic lotuses are handmade in Thailand. The “seed pod” at the center of the flower has a central hole that is made for holding an incense stick. The remnant stub of the burned incense stick is easily removed by pushing a pin up through the small hole on the bottom of the base.

Price: $6.50

In four colors (click photo to view all)

Lotus Incense Stick Holder, Partially Gilded

This item is also available with the edges of the petals hand-painted with gold-colored liquid gilding that beautifully complements the finish of our gilded statues.

Price: $7.50

In four colors (click photo to order)

Twenty-four Petal Lotus Bowl

2 5/8” wide x 5/8” deep (6.6 x 1.5cm)

This shallow porcelain bowl has twenty-four petals in three layers of eight in low relief. On an altar, this bowl can serve equally well as a water bowl and as an offering bowl. Made in Japan.

Price: $5

In four colors (click photo to view all)

Six Petal Lotus Bowl

2 5/8” wide x 5/8” deep (6.6 x 1.5cm)

This is a simpler bowl than the twenty-four petal bowl above. It is the same size. This bowl can also serve as either a water bowl or an offering bowl. Made in Japan.

Price: $ 5

In two colors (click photo to view all)

Lotus Water Bowl

2 ½” wide x 1 ¼” deep (5.7 x 3.1cm)

This is a deeper bowl than the previous lotus bowls. Made in Japan.

Price: $ 5

Light blue (click photo to order)

Small Flower Vase

This glazed white porcelain vase is a good size for many home altars. Made in China

Price: $ 5

(click photo to order)

Glass Votive Candle

Height: 1¾" diameter: 1½”

This votive-size glass candle burns candle-grade (extra-pure) lamp oil, which can be found at hardware stores, home-improvement stores, and many other stores. A small funnel (for filling the candle) and a fiberglss wick are included. The wick lasts indefinitely, because only the oil actually burns.

Price: $ 7.50

(click photo to order)